Cat or Dog



Just to get to the bottom of it, if you could have one pet would it be a cat or a dog? Please give a reason, also :stuck_out_tongue:

I will start by voting for dog because they are more loyal, loving, and they learn cool tricks more easily :bigsmile:


I have 2 dogs…so i guess that makes me a dog person…


I don’t ever want to be scratched by a cat. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Sorry, once abused a cat and it died some months after that. Though there was no special reason I was aware for the early death, I still feel guilty.)


dogs are loyal whereas cats will rip your eyes out without a second thought… plus im allergic to em :Z


Dogs are better than cats…because we can say “Who let the dogs out?” :stuck_out_tongue:


I for one love pussy more than dogs :stuck_out_tongue:

That said … I wear a rabbit on my head :stuck_out_tongue:


I like both dogs and cats…but dogs don’t purr, so I voted cat :bigsmile:

I kinda like cats 'cause they’re so independent. I can leave my cat overnight with a bowl of food and water, whereas I’d feel very guilty leaving a dog in that situation.


I agree with Arachne but my leaning is more towards doggies…why? Because my two doggies are human and I love them more than some humans! :slight_smile:


Got 1 dog & 2 cats , does that make me cat or dog person?


I’m defo a catman…how could you not love this baby :disagree:


Who’s coolest? Roobarb or Custard? I vote Roobarb, because everyone hates the smartass.


Sorry, I could never remember who was who !


You may have to dogs but you also have a pussy … AHAHAHA … um eehh that joke was B.A.D. ( Bad And Dumb ) :sad: :o


Has to be cats for me, they can curl uup with you in the winter and you have a permanantly warm living hot water bottle, no waste of electric. Plus it’s hard enough fitting me on the sofa with 4 cats could you imagine trying it with 4 dogs.


I have two dogs, Ben and Max. Ben is 14 years old and Max is nearly 2. Max is very mischievous, but Ben is the boss.


hmmmm, kitten… very tasteful with the right sauce… :wink:

/me loves dogs


umm … yeah they eat dogs in china and korea … umm Kenshin … wonder if he has eaten a dog :confused:


Have to agree with that :iagree:…but I have enough problems sharing the sofa with one cat, God does he ever stretch out. :eek:

LOL @ Razor1982 :bigsmile:


Cat’s , don’t have to "pick up after them " if you know what i mean … :iagree: :iagree: