Cat Advice Please!



Here is my problem:

I have 2 female cats (8 & 9 years old) that I’ve had since they were kittens. They have never been best buddies but they “tolerate” each other. They are both big sized cats.

Well, last week I adopted a beautiful white 1 year old female cat from my local Humane Society. The problem is the new cat is not getting along very well with my other 2 cats. The new cat is smaller then my older 2 cats, but she chases them like she is the boss. They mostly just hiss at each other, but a few times they have traded swats (no injuries).

I don’t understand why the new white cat is so hostile to the other cats. The new cat is very gentle and well behaved around people. She is a great lap cat.

Will the cats ever learn to “tolerate” each other over time? It’s only been one week.


YES they will.Give them some time,they´re females.


Thank you for adopting a new feline that needs a home.

You’re introducing a new cat into the others’ domain. Cats are very territorial. It will take some time for them to acclimate to each other.

The younger cat is just wanting to play. The older cats are probably a little past that stage in their development. At 8 and 9 years of age they are pretty much in their senior years! That’s how quickly these animals age. Just give it some time and see how it pans out. It’s only been just over a week, right?

They may even end up playing with each other, which will keep your geriatric cats youthful and it will force them to get some much needed exercise. When I introduced a younger female cat into my 10 year old male cat’s domain, she was very inquisitive and he hid underneath the bed for 3 whole days! Now that’s bladder control! :eek:

As far as them hissing around, cats spend a lot of time posturing but they are seldom aggressive animals. You may notice this mostly around meal time. It would still be a good idea to keep them separated during the day while you’re at work or away.



Doc Morbius, The Cat Whisperer. :smiley:


A week’s not very long - they’ve got to figure out who is now the dominant cat in the house and that’s going to take time.

I have 3 cats - 2 male and 1 female. They all took time to adjust to each other, and still fight now and again (one of the males can be a bit agressive) . Most of the adjustment was trying to work out which cat controlled which piece of the house - they are amazingly territorial about chairs, beds etc.
The new female is probably being hostile in a defensive way - by which I mean that she’s acting tough infront of the other 2 to try and establish status. That’s probably why she’s also very good around people, as cat’s recognise the food source (i.e. you) as the head of the household, and she’s being submissive around you.

Give it a lot more time :iagree:


I agree with everyone else, give it a little more time. And I agree, it’s great that you’ve given a new cat a home. :slight_smile:


Agree with all above + add some old Aussie folklore… buy a small portion of really salty butter. Take all three cats to the smallest room of the house. Rub the butter all over their paws and lower legs. Leave them together in the room for half an hour. They will eventually groom each other and that will go a long way to easing the tensions. BTW, you also do this with cats when you move house. My elderly neighbor tells me that it reminds dear puss of what it was like to be born and having to break out of the amniotic sack…go figure! It’s meant to make puss comfortable in a new and strange environment.

NO I’M NOT HAVING A LEND OF YOU and any thrown objects will be deflected to my 76 year-old neighbor … (Heather, dear …where are you???) :slight_smile: :wink:


LOL @ Stroppy - “having a lend of you”, I like that :bigsmile:

Hey Hyperspace, how about a nice pic of the new cat for us cat-lovers? :slight_smile:

I can sympathise, though. I got a tiny ginger kitten from a friend’s cat’s litter a few years back now.

Unfortunately it was obvious I couldn’t keep him, as my first cat (Baz, whom I still have now) wouldn’t even come into the house, and thus wasn’t getting anything to eat or drink.

I sincerely wish you the best of British luck in getting your cats to all accept each other. :slight_smile:


I’ve also heard that thing about rubbing a cat’s paws in butter when you move house, so the cat will come home.
Never tried it out though (don’t want to get attacked by a mob of butter hungry cat fiends)

@Hypersapce: I also think you should post a pic of the new cat :iagree:


Me too, my mum always said the same, although I never tried it either. (LMAO @ “butter hungry cat fiends” :bigsmile: )


I’m sorry about the poor picture quality. I don’t have a digital camera anymore (it broke). I took the pictures with my cheap PC camera.

Anyway…my new cat [B]Lewana[/B] (The name means “shining white one”) :smiley: :


Awwww, she is gorgeous!! :iagree: - that last pic is exactly what my cat is doing now :wink:

Thanks for the pics :bigsmile:


Cute kitty Hyperspace. Don’t ya wish they would stay that size?

I just don’t understand why so many people hate cats. They’re just not right in the head.


Hehehehe yeah. Cats are the best :iagree:…I don’t know where I’d be without mine, he’s helped me through some pretty tough times, and pays any love back in spades. :slight_smile:


Patience and lots of it.

I would love to have a cat but my new landloard wont allow it.

Years ago one of my cats(tom)Hissed and tried to attack itself.
we were watching a home slide show,Saw this cat on the screen and thought not having this.He was intruduced to a new Feline a few days before.
Stalked the screen .If you could see a cat blush.


You are absolutely correct. Cats ARE crazy! :bigsmile:

Seriously, I don’t hate them, I tolerate them. I’ve only known/had one cat that I truly liked, but he got hit by a car several years ago. :frowning:


It’s true, cats are all crazy. :iagree:

Sooo… to jump aboard the kitty picture spamming bandwagon, here is a picture of my cat “Twoflower” - he was also a rescue cat and is now 11.
He is more than a few fries short of a Happy Meal. :bigsmile:


Yep, I agree with that as well. I’ve also noticed that tomcats are more likely to be not all there than females (that’s not a “women are better than men” thing, it’s something I really have noticed!).

The two toms in my family are soppy, and scaredy cats when it comes to other cats or strangers. :slight_smile:

And Twoflower is a beauty :iagree:


Prof. Honeydew, that looks a lot like one of my cats. His name is Roswell. He is also a rescue. A feral rescue at that.

Roswell was living in a busy grocery store parking lot on Roswell Road near Roswell Georgia. He would surely have been run over had I not saved him as the traffic in that area is nuts and the people are rude and drive crazy. I had to use a trap to catch him and it took several months for him to become comfortable around people. Now he’s become a regular house cat and loves it when I scratch his back. In fact he’s at the food dish by my desk getting his back scratched as I type.


seeing all these cat photos makes me sad I cant have one.
My son told me 2 days ago he has a kitten ,they found in the trash cans
at university ,sent me a pic via cell.
may be when he has finnished his degree and wants to travel .he will dumpit of on me.