What’s your best score?

I got 189.975 before my fingers got tired. :sad:

223.415 :bow:

Ouch, my hand hurts.

243.125 (and I’m on the leaderboard Woo Hoo!!)

Top that one :bigsmile: :eek:

How the hell did you do that?

notice no other scores up there yet :wink:

the score stays at zero, even if I give the cat a good 'ole toss… :frowning:

I can’t get it to work at all, he’ll run but that’s it :frowning:

Here’s my go… World’s best is around 850 :eek:

hey im up there :smiley: hehe. i don’t see how someone can get 850.

this reminds me of the Whack the Penguin game and the spear throwing game.

I think i need more practice :slight_smile:

think ill stick, if i try any harder ill brake my keyboard.

I ended up with 421.90…I’m done. I think that will make my cat happy…seemed to be freaked out at the cat screams. :bigsmile:

i couldn’t get more than 69.4 so i gave up…