Casually, with help HV9NWINHT503 firmware, « has transformed» SHM-165P6S in 165H6S

Casually, with help HV9NWINHT503 firmware, « has transformed» SHM-165P6S in 165H6S (HV9NWINHT503 firmware thus did not swear, that a drive not that model).
After that the drive does not see disks :sad:
And now I cannot write down back, firmware from 165P6S as a little FW available at me swear that a drive not that model.
Can eat FW or flasher. Without the control of model of a drive (as HV9NWINHT503).
And it can be possible to correct exe or bin so to bypass check of model.
With pleasure I shall take part advice(councils) or links.

I am sorry for my English – the given text translated with the help of the electronic translator.

Try flahshing it using the “Eeprom Utility” and " Flash Utility".
First you need to restore the Eeprom memory with “Eeprom Utility” tool . Run this program and then click on “Restore Eeprom” and then select the eeprom dump that you should have done before like a eeprom memory backup. After that the next step is flashing your drive with the apropiate firmware.
Run the program " Flash Utility", be sure that your drive is selected from the list and then click on “Write flash” and when the windows pops up select the firm you want to use to flash your drive with it.
And when the firm is loaded into the eeprom memory your drive will be OK .


at first, get the experimental test firmware for your exact drive (should be something like MV9N) and see, if you could flash back with that firmware.
If you were successful, then get a patched stock firmware for your drive - check the firmware thread for that. And finally get recent original firmware MS0R from Liteon website.

If that fails: Congrats, you have a new doorstop or coffee cup holder. This is the price for not reading the instructions and warnings carefully. Sorry to say that.