Cassette to CD software

i’m looking for a piece of software that will allow me to convert my audio cassettes to cd via my PC, i would prefer a free piece of software, but any suggestions would be appreciated. thanks

I use Roxio 7.5. It has a nice input/conversion tool in the suite & does a nice job, for me anyway.

I have used Nero 6 and the software that came with my Creative sound card to do this both with very good results.

Personally I would recommend Adobe Audition (formerly Cool Edit Pro) but you asked for free so here is a close match with all the feature you will need for your use.


thank you i’ll check it out

I don’t use the nero I have special software that came with my Creative Labs card that I use and Roxio is the next best. As for free, some stuff are good free but alot of stuff is you get what you paid for too. Keep this in mind.

And DO look a gift horse in the mouth, a lot of free stuff comes with unwanted “passengerware”, I don’t care if the foistware is or isn’t actually spyware, I don’t want.

Of course, with Audacity, open source, what you see is what you get, a program that mat not be quite the equal of the ones you buy, but for many tasks, as good as.

Sony Sound Forge

Nero Sound Trax part of Nero7 Premium


Groove Mechanic was originally designed for LPs but it does have a d-hisser for cassettes and the ability to set a record time and then cut the resultant recording into separate tracks