Cassette to cd software



What are some good inexpensive software to convert cassettes to cds(digitizers)? I have a SantaCruz Turtle beach soundcard . :bow:


I don’t guarantee the quality, but you can try the plain windows sound recorder for starters. Then you can use any audio editin tool to filter out the noise, increase the amplitudes, etc.


thats a hardware operation. the software just captures the information


I guess he wants some hints on a good sound recorder :slight_smile:
One out of many is Goldwave which is pretty simple for the novice.


Music Match Jukebox has an anaologue recording facility. I have used it to back up some of my friends old records for him to CD.


It is maybe a bit off topic, but I would like to mention that there is also a hardware solution for cassette to pc. We posted this as news on cdfreaks last year, and can be found here:


I have done this with the freeware cdex it has an anlog input section.
Here is the url for the site

I use cdex all the time to convert cda> mp3 mp3> cda anlog>mp3.
And I think it is very easy to use.



Thanks for the tip. I have wanted to do this for some time and your suggestion is just what I needed.


for software:
Goldwave, Steinberg clean (expensive), and Creative Wave Studio (proprietary to a creative card)

for hardware:
Get a creative card Sb Audigy 1 (save a few bucks) with the front panle adaptor and use the coaxil inputs or optical inputs if this is a digital tape then clean it up with the software mentioned above

I really like the ease of use and software bundle creative offers, I have used it in conjunction with Steinbergs software, and I have converted audio tapes for quite a few people as a paid service (per song) and I must say they were ALL very satisified.