Cassette tapes to cd

HOWDY ! I have many cassette tapes (music) that I would like to transfer to CD. ???

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The way I would is to plug a jack to jack cable from the headfone port from a tape player into the input in your sound card. Then start a sound recording prog (e.g. sound recoderd :p), select the right input and hit record. Once its recording press play on your tape player! Once your done recording you can eather burn it (with Nero etc) or convert it to MP3, for PC playback.


Thanks for the quick response !! Sounds simple enough. I’ll have to try it after Christmas when I get my new sound card.

My rig list isn’t as ling as you’res

Sony DRU-710A
Nero 6
Easy CD/DVD Creator 6
Pinnacle Instant CD/DVD ver. 8.0

Better if you have a tape deck equipped with “Line out” - if using headphone out, be sure to turn off anything that may alter the sound.

If they are commercial tapes using Dolby:

  1. You are technically violating copyright, unless in a part of the world where “fair use” concepts are sensibly applied
  2. Use Dolby compatible equipment, so that Dolby noise reduction is applied.

Dolby boosts the high frequencies in passages where they are low, so a Dolby recording played on non-dolby equipment may sound a little bright.

Use “Audiograbber”

@ Burn’n Fool You can find a very good collection of tools and Tutorials for what you need here :iagree:

Thanks for all the info. Good to know there’s a place to find the answers. I have mostly home made poor quality 30 year old tapes of radio shows like Dr. Demento.
Althought I hear allot of controversy about how ling CD’s and DVD’s will last ?