Cassette tape to mp3?

Hi everyone,

Is there anyway to put my cassette tapes on my computer as audio files preferable mp3/wav so i can then put it on mp3 player?? And i guess that since tapes dont have tracks, how i wud go about splitting the big audio file into tracks.

Is there any equipment i would need, and how much would that set me back.

My spec is at the bottom including soundcard.


Sure you can, it’s quite easy too, you can use a free software like Audacity, to record and split etc.,

Once recorded to your pc, you will be able to see in a wave graphic way and also be able to hear where you have to split.

all you need is your sound card and a stereo tape deck with a stereo line out socket.

go and read this thread: lp/mc thread

this is really something that you can do without buying anything, except for a blanc cd, that’s if you want to burn to audio cd.

get the free software: HERE

Thanks, that helped me out tremendously

This link is brilliant

check out these links. Maybe of help. Audio_Tape_to_CD/audio_tape_to_cd.html


Hi, I’ve been transferring my LP and Tape collection to CD over the past few years and have learnt heaps through trial and error…if u need any help just ask :slight_smile:

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