Cassette & lp to cd & mastering suggestions wanted


i like to convert some of my old tapes & lps to cds; i captured few tapes & lps using creative labs’ smart record.

only problems is that the captured sound is not as good as i hoped & i like to apply some noise reduction filters & equalizer settings directly to the captured audio files (my car’s cd player does not have any equalizers), but i could not find suitable software to do such thing.

i prefer something that is automatic & easy to use rather than professional products

any suggestions?

thanks for your suggestions :wink:

you can Convert tapes and records into digital recordings or CD’s with Audacity which is also freeware.ù

Download from

Read the FAQ, it explains how to do what you need.

I also advice you to check this tape to cd guide


hardplay - great post - thanks for sharing!


thanks for your kind suggestions & links :slight_smile: . audacity appears great software though bit too advanced for my taste; however, how i can resist since it is free :wink:

@ NotSoSmart & shimman thank you, it’s nice to be able to share knowledge and give a friendly hand :wink:

@ shimman, believe me it’s simple , just follow the guide and you can’t go wrong :slight_smile:

There’s just a whole bunch of software out there that removes pops and crackles from records. I usually capture my records using DAK because I can do a whole side then brake it up. I then clean up individual files with another wave editor. Right now I like Nero Wave editor II. If your LP preamp does a good equalization on your LPs you probably don’t have to do much more yourself. When I record from cassettes I have to bring up the highs and remove tape hiss.

I do have a web page on this at:

and maybe this one

good luck :slight_smile:

dvautier, nice articles, can i link them to my free software page ?, of course i will place your name and site in the link credits :wink:

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