Casio Disc Printer?

Can the CASIO DISC PRINTER (CASIO CW75) print onto any CD/DVD? Even if its not a printable CD?

Any one?

The CASIO CW75 is a thermal printer, and it can print on Thermal Printable media.

It may also be able to print on non-printable media if the surface is sufficiently smooth, but that’s something you’ll have to try with that specific media.

It will probably not print on ink-jet printable media, because the surface of such media is intended to receive ink and is too porous for thermal transfer.

I don’t have this printer myself, so this is not based on my personal experience. Perhaps someone else with personal experience can chip in?

I have one and its prints on everything, even Verbs and it does a great job. Its just that the carts are only good for about 50 discs, and that just TITles and genre.:iagree: They cost about 30.00USD for 3 carts. So it is expensive but if your handwriting with sharpies is as bad as mine, this comes in handy.:iagree:

I don’t use such thermal printers but just wanted to add that the packaging of That’s media (ceramic coat = smooth) has the Casio Disc Title Printer logo on it, which is some kind of official confirmation that it does :bigsmile:

costly gaget I will stick to my Sharpie.

So do I…but with [B]Verbatim Multi Media Marker[/B]! :stuck_out_tongue:

I have been using the CW-100 for years. It prints on any disk I have ever put into the thing.

The only problem I am now having is my upgrade to Vista 64. I cant find any
drivers that will work.:slight_smile: