If you’re not going to them, you’re at least curious what the games are and how people are winning tons of money. What’s your favourite game for money?


Blackjack, I somewhat learned how to count cards :smiley: Yay for me! 1.5 years and I’m legal to gamble.


I’ve played Roulette (american rules, less pricey :slight_smile: once.
The slot machines took away nearly 200 euro’s and i won 300 euro’s on the Roulette (using lots of 5 euro chips and betting with 7 of them every time on four numbers)


Ipod Shuffle Roulette would be fun :bigsmile:


gambling is gay… :slight_smile:




Poker all the way baby.


Haha you included Keno! Here’s a picture to celebrate.

I’ve played poker with chips once in my life and I ended up with them all. It annoyed my pokerish friend to death that he lost to someone who didnt know what a full house was.


Full House


I love the craps table…:smiley: …throw them dice make me some $$$ cash


Poker and BlackJack rule.


blackjack or poker but ehh if you gonna do poker you better come with atleast 10Gs


Well statisticly Blackjack is the game with the most percentage chance to win. Even though its still small (don’t remeber, I think 15%) your chances of winning are greater than all other casino/gambling games.