Casino Royale



Is anyone else having a problem backing up Casino Royale. DVDFab Platium takes 3 passes to open the file and then goes to a Not Responding State. Is there a new Sony protection scheme?



I just got home with the Region 1 WideScreen Edition 2 disc set. I will be back and let you know in about 30 minutes.:iagree:


Hello beerman64 and welcome to the CD Freaks forum. I recently back up Casino myself and, like you, I did experience the extra long time it took to scan the title. I almost thought that it wasn’t going to work and give me the dreaded info box like it did with Saw 3. What I did, was when it kept scanning in full movie mode, I canceled the action and switched to main movie mode. I was thinking it would have less to scan and would be more apt to work. Well, it did just that. After about 5 run throughs on the scanner box, it was ready to work. So, I decided to try the full movie mode again and again, after 5 or so times it continued on. Also, it did take about almost 2 min. to again scan the movie which is much longer than usual, but it then went right into reading the files like normal. Then, there was no problem with the writing to disk. My advice would be to try an see if you can first get the movie backed up using main movie mode. Then, if it’s working, cancel and try again in the full mode. See if you can get past the Not Responding State. Good Luck. ~ Mike


My results are as follows, no problems as you can see.


alan, did you notice the longer scan time?


Yes, but it did not impede the process at all. The movie has many bad sectors. DVD Fab defeated them all.:clap:


Further Update

I did a “fairly complete Uninstall” of Vers and reinstalled Vers with successful results. Yes the opening scan was a little longer than normal but everything went like normal from there on.

When I install Vers the first time I installed over top of the old version. I wonder it that caused a problem?



That should not have caused the problem


Just tried to playback this movie using PowerDVD and MediPlayer Classic, coupled with DVD+CSS RegionFree latest version and it has no video.

Any suggestions?, It would be a right PITA if have to rip and burn a dvd I’ve actually shelled out money for to watch it on my PC.


You had me going for a minute, I just backed it up also but I did not watch it, I played it with PowertoDVDV7.3 and it played perfectly. Also tried it on my standalone Pioneer and it was great, Now to your problem, please post all your settings, your configuration, burner, media, have you checked other videos, maybe your video card is not functioning. ( just a thought) .:frowning:

#11 DVDRegion & CSS Free
PowerDVD V6 (as came bundled with PC and not quite sure how to get it to spit out a version number, it just normally works)
Media Player Classic

Pioneer DVDR-111D
XPMCE fully patched
Amd 4200+ dual core processor, 2Gb ram, Asus 8nSLi Premium and a 7800Gtx Gfx latest drivers on hardware side

It’s the retail R1 disk, not copied, so media isn’t applicable

Random DVD off the shelf runs fine, both R1 and R2 (physical ‘home’ region)

Standalone DVD player it’s fine (cambridge audio dvd55)
but my pc has better sound and the WS monitor on the PC is better than my tv :frowning:


This might be a region problem. I do not know if Sony has put any new region protections on these DVDs. Your configuration is al most the same as mine, except you have a better processor. If you are in region 2 and playing a region 1 disc( I don’t really know, just grasping at straws) region free should be able to handle that. :confused:


I am a normally happy UK user :), it looks like a new region protection which is annoying as the R2 version of CR is shorter than the R1.

Looks like I may have to look for another region free program if DVDRF isn’t being updated due to pressure. I suppose I could just download it but it annoys me under principle if I’ve forked out the cash to actually buy it. or rip it overnight I suppose.


I backed up Casino Royale both the full disk and movie only, it scanned twice for both versions and backed up great at 8x, I watched the movie only and it played flawlessly ( Region 1 )


Well backed up to Hdd and playing on the PC now, ah well time to look for an updated region free app I suppose.

What currently being updated?


Have been using DVD Free with Nero recode for a long time. Today, Casino Royale would NOT backup. Error message that “Sector was encrypted”.

Tried trial version of DVD Platinium and things worked fine. Sony did “something”, but I’m not sure just what.


Can’t you burn with DVDFab Platinum and make sure that region 2 is selected in protection to remove the region code in common settings :confused:


Why burn when All I want to do is watch it on the PC when I own the original.

bloody sony and the MPAA when are they going to get clue and release things cheaply everywhere as it’s the only way to beat the pirates. It was bad enough when I couldn’t watch layercake on my old denon R2 dvd player when it was a R2 disk - still a few hours with decrypter / shrink and rfcss and I had that watchable until I replaced the denon. I’m not going to do it every year when they play ‘screw’ the people who actually pay for the goods.


Sorry I thought you was trying to back it up my misunderstanding :bow:


'tis ok - I suppose it’s an easy assumption to make since the two programs share a forum.