Cash-happy ATM lands man life in prison

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Wow, Never in America! Heehheee… :bigsmile:

Theft is theft.

The bank in question is still responsible for keeping all its ATMs in proper working order. Certainly the sentence doesn’t fit the crime, as the man won’t (I seriously doubt) ever be able to repay the bank by being in jail. What would be fair is to simply order the man to pay restitution and set up some kind of wage garnishment that would allow him to work, yet pay back the money to the bank at a certain monthly rate that would also still allow him money left over for a reasonable budget for his needs. Were something like this to be done, where the man was reasonably “pinched in the pocketbook” for the time required to pay back the decided-upon amt. to the bank, that would be far more powerful than life in prision, where the bank won’t see that money. Dumb!

A decent job in china pays 2000 yuan a month … it’d take over 7 years to pay back if:

  1. He had a decent job.
  2. He paid every cent he received straight back to the bank.

Silly Xu :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, silly indeed, but at least the bank would get some part or signficiant part or all of its money back eventually. It was indeed silly, but shoving him into prison won’t let the bank see any of that $$ back, so it’s lose-lose for both. The man would learn a bigger lesson if he had to pay it all back, and that would be a harder row to hoe in some ways, too.