Cases For Blu-Ray / HD DVD Media



Not sure if this goes in this forum, but I was wondering if anyone knew of a source to purchase empty hd-dvd and blu-ray cases…


I think that any jewel case can be used for these discs too.

btw, can you say where do you live? In this way users can know better a place to suggest (for example, if you live in USA, suggestions of European stores will be useless for you ;))


Well, on the movie side of things, aren’t HD-DVD/Blu-ray cases just your standard Amaray DVD case? On the blank media side of things, most BD-R(E) is shipped in jewel cases…


HD-DVD case
Blu-ray case

Now you just have to find a reliable seller for these cases.


OK, so they’re DVD cases with a bar on top with the Blu-ray/HD DVD logo :stuck_out_tongue:


ROTFL :bigsmile:


Though personally I can’t stand these cases and think they’re some of the ugliest things optical disc have ever been packed in, Sleeve City does carry them:

Personally, I’d rather they had stuck with the regular Amaray and Alphapak cases.


Just to inform that sleeve town is having 15% sale on Blu-ray and HD DVD case. $.65 each or $5.85 per 10 pack plus shipping.


Sleeve Town in the link but everything else say Sleeve City :bigsmile:


I was looking for Blu-ray cases the other day, after researching prices, sells 50 cases for $26.60 + 9 shipping ($.71 per). This guy at ebay sells 40 pieces for 21.90 + combined shipping $4.50 = $.66 per. I received the package and the difference between sleevetown is the blu-ray logo but both looks good.




Here in CANADA sells Blu Ray blank cases with the Blu ray LOGO on them for $39.00 Candian dollars for 100 Pcs $14.00 shipping in Canada


Check out

They have all types of cases for blu-ray, CD and DVD discs.

However, they are a wholesaler so they don’t sell in small quantities.