Casema Cable




(This is for the Dutch people)

Does anybody know if I should go voor Casema Cable, because I’ve heard that it is very slow.



i asked me the same question…but i think slow ?? whats slow?? 20 kb/s yep thats slow
maar you are 24 ours online you can download anything you want.
thats also nice!
if your ptt rekening is above 200 guilders then i would say gaan met die banaan.


I’m also interested in this Casema-cable-internet!
But I’ve heard that you get kicked off the Inet many times?!? Anyone with experiance in this?
How much does it cost a month?


Well I’ve got Casema Cable for about 3 weeks now. If you want to get some speed forget it. It about 8 k/s for browsing. But when it comes down to downloading it drops dramatically to about 3/4 k/s. But yes you are 24 hours online? Well the last 3 days I’ve been surfing a lot. For more then 6 times my speed went to absolut ZERO. (I had to disconnect and connect again) I called the helpdesk and talked to a nice guy. I was angry and he admitted Casema uses old shit (Which I knew already. There is a lawsuit against Casema) Well the mailserver has been down for almost a week (some guy sent them a mailbomb, so that all their emailadresses got 39000 emails. FUNNY. Things are going better now, but don’t expect to receive an send email rightaway (which I did had with my old provider) It always takes them a couple of hours to sent it to you (snailmail is back at Casema).
Not much good I know. But now comes the good part. Despite disappointing speed I now downloaded about 8 GIG. (that’s in 3 weeks) not bad. My PC has been on day and night for a couple of days. The helpdesk guy said I should watch it though, they may send me a warning.
To hell with them if they do. I will stay with Casema for now but am eagerly waiting for MXstream (ADSL).

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Kabelfoon and casema are two of the slowest providers if i download (with gettright or downloadaccelerator) im glad that it goes up to 5 k/sec. Im not kidding. mostely with icq transfer it goes at 1.2 k/s maxium most of the time ca.600 b/s


Crow’s right, casema is very slow at the moment. I’m getting about 2k download speed in Utrecht. Sometimes I have to wait up to five minutes for a page to load. It seems the speed will get better after april. Check out the casema user group homepage.(


The downstream of casema isn’t that bad, mostly 3/4 kb. Ok, it’s not fast.

The upstream is very bad, wen i try to upload my website, a couple kb. It usually takes me more than a hourer (0.01 kb). When I use worldonline to upload i’m finished within 5 minutes!



Yeah it’s not fast but it still beats internet by telephone. Over here you’ll get 8k/s from casema.



Well, I suppose it’s different for everyone connected to Casema (Wanadoo). For instance I can upload my site (Wanadoo)at 10 to 14 k/sec, very fast. My friend can download mp3’s and stuf from Fosi at 8 k/s. My download is about 3/4 k/s. Weird. But I know that if there are more (a lot) people in your street connected to Casema it cost you speed.


That’s right but I live in a small town and it’s unlickely that a lot of people will go for cable right now.



Don’t complain about the speed please. The damn m#therf#ckers in my town put new cable in te ground right before my door, but they want to wait another 8 months before connecting it :-(((. Palet suxx