Case Lighting And Round Cables

Hello, and thank you for helping out! A friend had told me about a good web site to go to, to find good case lighting, rond cables etc. New Egg and Tiger Direct Has a limited amont. My friend has moved to Arizona and I can’t get a hold of him. If u guys/gals can give me any help I would be greatley appreciated. Again thank you for your time. -j-

Although I have not personnaly shopped from them, has been a great source of reference for me over the years.

I have seen xoxide recommended a lot.
I have only ordered from them once (some uv led’s) but jab-tech gets recommended a lot too.
I have ordered a few times from coolerguys and have been happy with the service, and they have pretty good prices sometimes (lots of stuff on sale or cheap sometimes). Beware of just buying any generic brand from them though. Some of the stuff like pc toys they carry is kind of crappy (though often quite cheap). I guess it doesn’t matter for some stuff but for some stuff it does. Thats not really their fault though as they just sell it, not make it (newegg carries crappy brands too).