Case inlay paper

What kind of paper do companies use to print their case inlays. I’ve tried phot paper but this seems to heavy and costly. I’ve tried reg glossy paper but that doesn’t give me the look either. I have both a color laser printer and a inkjet. If there is a company that you know of let me know. Currently I’m useing Verbatim slim cases to put my dvd in. Maybe its the plastic on the cases that make it look dull. Thanks.

Movie inserts are printed on standard bond paper - like a magazine. No way to duplicated that with a printer.

Once it’s under a clear plastic case cover, it all looks about the same. I use plain old premium inkjet paper printed at 150-300 DPI and am very happy with the results. Either 28lb or 32lb will work fine with high-res printer settings.

I use a case insert paper from Meritline that is die-cut. HP (or similar) Brochure and Flyer paper is also an option and use a paper cutter to cut down to size.