Cart loader DVD-RAM burners

can anyone tell me what brand of drives accept the cart DVD-RAM discs?
i have read some Panasonic drives accept cartridges, but i cant find any,
can any one recommend some brands and model # ? thanks

Panasonic SW-9574-C, SW-9572-C,SW-9573-C, are all current models. I think they tack the “C” on at the end to specify cartridge.

thanks for the link, but where does one go to purchase a drive like this? i assume they would be quite a bit more expensive in price?

I don’t know where you live, but in Europe you can find it at e.g.
The price is around € 140, plus shipping. :wink:

Hope this helps,


I got my SW-9574-C there, it is a really great DVD RAM drive. I did not checked the normal burn capabilities until now since I have a LG GSA 4166 too.
I love DVD RAM cardridges for backups and data storage! :iagree: