Car wax safe for CD/DVD repairs?

Hey folks,

I’ve read in some threads how toothpaste is safe to buff out very minor scratches in CD’s/DVD’s.

Just curious if car wax be safe to use?

I have heard it is but never tried it myself

Why are you asking this in the Blu-ray forum?

I’ve used various car waxes to polish out scratches in all kinds of optical media.
Best to make sure whatever you try wont melt the surface other then that make sure it’s dried off and clean and you should be OK.
I like TR3 wax myself but it is pretty old now and may not be for sale anymore.
It will polish out scratches and leaves a resin glaze that is very shiny and hard and lasts a long time. Other waxes out probably have the same idea if you look around for them but it really works well on disks.