Car Stero MP3 CD folder problem

Hi All;

I recently bought a 2007 Mitsubishi with a stock CD/MP3 stereo. So far, I have been having problems burning the MP3 CD correctly for playback. The stereo looks like it was made to read from folders, as there is a knob to cycle to the next folder. However, when I burn MP3’s into folder on the disc, they stutter on playback - almost like it is constantly skipping. On the other hand, if I burn an MP3 directly to the root - i.e. no folders - it plays back just fine.

Has anyone run into this before?

Some details:

I am using Sony CD-R CD’s
I use Nero to burn the CD’s
I burn at slowest possible speed - 8x
I am burning in the ISO format using Track at once
I am finalizing the disc


Edit: I think it may actually be a problem with the mp3 file itself - it may be encrypted. After further testing, I was able to get some mp3’s to work, and others would still stutter.

If the mp3 file is encrypted it will not play in your car’s CD/MP3 player. This is pretty standard. Unless you purchased this file from an online retailer that encumbers it’s music files with DRM, I would say encryption is not the problem. If you were to use Exact Audio Copy with the LAME MP3 and encode a series from CDs you own, none of them would have encryption. Also, if the MP3 is encrypted, then it will only playback in certain authorized players. It’s like downloading a song from iTunes, it only plays in iTunes or on an iPod. I have a Toyota and according to the owner’s manual, it is capable of playing back MP3 files in folders up to 7 levels deep. I too use Nero to burn my discs and have never had a problem playing back MP3s in folders. I would check the owner’s manual to see if there is something else specific to that particular manufacturer’s MP3 player. Hope this helps.