Car Stereo and Burned CDs


I have read several other posts that have had similar problems, but mine seems to be a little stranger.

I have been burning mixtures of Ripped songs and downloaded ones for awhile without many problems. My Jeep stereo did have issues with some of the cds in the past, but not much of one. Now it doesn’t play any songs unless I mess with it.

I use 700mb 80 Maxwell cds and burn at 4x up to 24x. (not a difference at all.) Sometimes the cd player will catch the song and start it. Most of the time I can hear it squiggling around the cd in search of the track. If it catches the first song, it will play the entire cd track to track without an issue, but if I skip forward or back, (includes turning car off etc) it can’t find the tracks. (eventually it does find the track…sometimes 20 minutes later)

I have tried everything I know with gaps and making sure the music is downloading correctly. My Jeep is a 2001 with that year of cd player. My wife’s car plays all of them just fine.

Help!!! :confused:


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Pls see my reply here > playing CDR in car stereo

After reading as much as I could about burning speeds, media quality and type, I have found a soulution to my Jeep’s stereo not finding the tracks.

I went to CompUSA and purchased a 5 pack of 74 min 650 mb 32x cds. I used Acoustica MP3 burner and then popped it into the sereo. I was just waiting for it to fail and keep searching for the tracks, but then…whamo! It started playing music. I scanned ahead to several tracks without an issue!

That did it!

Thanks for all the help!

Nice to know that ! Cheers ! :smiley:

I had a similar problem.

[B]My car won’t play the recent CD-Rs i burned, Here’s what i did to solve it[/B]

I read around forums, people saying the car simply doesn’t play the “-r” or the brand (memorex or sony) were simply not good enough. However, i never had this problem before and i would burn cds at 32x speed for a while, sometimes 48x.

I finally got it to work though when i burned the Sony disk as an audio cd with [I]nero 7 ultra edition[/I] using the following settings (which are different than the default)…

[B]Writing Speed: 8x[/B]

[B]Write Method: Track-at-once[/B]

Those two settings worked like a charm for me after trying different settings on 8 other disks.