Car Radio Trouble

Hi I don’t know if this is the right place to ask but i would appreciate any kind words you could offer on this subject.

I have tried searching these forums for an answer but haven’t found a related topic.

I have a puegeot 306 with a clarion cdc9250 cd changer. i recently had some work done on the engine with resulted in someone disconnecting the battery. The CD changer firstly asked for the securtiy code which i thought i had entered correctly but now only shows 4 dashes on the display (-- – -- --)

It only gave me one chance to enter the security code and now does nothing.

does anyone know of a way to reset the radio so i can re-enter thr code?

Any help on this would receive my most humble thanks


i think you have to wait an hour or two before you can try again, it will have this info in the users handbook

yeah, except it doesn’t say in the manual. what it does say is you get 3 attempts but i didn’t. also i have waited 4 days with still no chance of a retry!!!


Would this help you?
Have a look at here


I haven’t left the power to the radio on for 24 hours, mainly because it goes off when i leave the car but i will try.

thankyou for you input. i will let you know if it works

thankyou again!!!

You might have to take it to a specialist to have it recoded. Typically costs about £20 in the UK.

Send an email direct to Clarion with full ID details and the VIN number of your car to prove that you are who you say you are. They’ll be able to help you. Here’s their website: