Car mp3 player skips entire songs



Hi all, I am having a problem where my MP3 player in my car (Alpine CDA-7995) sometimes skips entire songs if they’re MP3’s. It seems like it’s totally random, I can’t seem to correlate it with anything. The tracks are on the disc, I can listen to them on my PC, the bitrate is the same as the rest of my MP3’s (192 kb/s).

My hunch is that it’s software related. I use Windows Media Player 10 to rip from CD as MP3, and I have been burning to CD using Sonic RecordNow DX. I can burn them as MP3’s or as data files, but I always do the data files as this allows me to use folders and that’s the only way the Alpine reads the tags correctly. I am burning at mid speed (don’t exactly know what that is, that’s all it tells me). Burner is a LiteOn LDW-411S hacked to 811S, CD-R’s are Fujifilm 700MB 80 min. That’s all they say on them.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I’m sure other people have run into this problem. Thanks in advance.



no one?