Car MP3/CD Players

I’m looking for a decent mp3/cd player for my car, and every receiver I look at seems to have glaring flaws. Which one would you guys recommend?

The biggest problems I’ve seen are long load and seek times. A full 2 seconds to switch between tracks and even to display the song title is too long. :Z I’m thinking about buying a player without ID3 support just to speed up navigation and loading.

Also, I want to be able to play CD-RW’s recorded at 10x, but I haven’t found a review of a deck yet that brings up that issue. Some players claim that 12x is the max recording speed for CD-R’s, but I bet that my 24102B’s 24x burns are more reliable than cheapo 12x.

Of course, a price tag under or around $300 is a big plus too. :smiley: Any recommendations?

sony has a nice one…do not know the type/name of it

Believe AIWA has a nice one… (this is hear say, don’t know anything about it myself though)

a link on the cdfreaks site…hope it helps

( i am curious what the max bitrate is that they support)

mp3 playback and still affordable (+ it’s a Sony :slight_smile: )

go to the aiwa home page and check out their cdc-ma01 that plays mp3 cd’s and windows media files too!! I love this player!!! it looks cool too and it has the “magic flap” security that makes thr panel black and it makes it look like you don’t have a car stereo in your dash. It runs form 199-400 dollars and is the most convient mp3 cd player for your car. go to crutchfield’s aiwa store to get eh cdc-ma01 and CF also gives ya everything you need for your car stereo including wiring harnesses and everything else!!!

It’s not totally black. Sony Active Black Panels look a lot better to me (I have one), but they don’t play mp3’s. That’s why i gonna buy a cd changer with mp3 support.

ok… but it does look better in most cars… since soem are not totally black around the dash… I do prefer it being all built in sisnce I hardly have the time to add other things… I just want it all in one package…

I would wait 6 months - should see the first 10 disk MP3 multichangers then!! Think Clarion will be the first.

a cd changer??..i rather would like a swapable hdd for the mp3’s

I agree but for the price cd-r are a better bet at the moment - the changer is 10 disks and you can comfortably get 15 cds per disk. That is a permanent 150 albums to carry round for a couple of pounds or three Euros. When you get bored you can put the next 150 in.

Originally posted by cmaskelyne
I would wait 6 months - should see the first 10 disk MP3 multichangers then!! Think Clarion will be the first.

Sony already has a 10 disc cd changer with mp3 support