Car mp3/cd player issues - but only with certain songs?



Ok folks, this one has been driving me crazy…
I burn a cdful of mp3s (sometimes with Toast, sometimes with the mac osx “Burn” program - it makes no difference).
The original files play fine on the computer.
The recorded disc plays fine on the computer and in my son’s pc… it also plays fine in my standalone dvd player (which plays mp3s).
BUT WHEN I TAKE IT TO THE CAR… something strange happens…
most of the tunes play fine… but certain songs from certain albums have a major defect… they WILL play, but there are frequent and periodic VERY LOUD… short squawks and squeals (that’s the best description I can think of)… The tune is, realistically, unlistenable.
I can’t find, on casual examination, any difference between the files. It’s not just new music… some of it is from decades ago.
Any ideas?