Car help



anyone know were are web site or file i can get or go to for mitsubishi magna 92{aus} i need to know how to change the cam


did you try a google search ?


Owners manual?


yea i tryed them :iagree: i am putting are new cam in and well to do that i need to get the heads done and block e.c.t i need something more to the point of it.

ty guys for help


Airhead suggested an Owner’s Manual and I don’t know if he meant a Workshop Manual, which is definitely what you need.
Anyone who works on their own car SHOULD have a workshop manual. I’ve always had one for my vehicles and in 40 years of owning a car, I’ve NEVER had another mechanic touch my vehicles. The $30 or so to purchase one from K-mart or Supercheap Auto etc., in Australia is so cheap for the knowledge and time savings they provide. Best are produced by Gregory’s.
If ever I worked on someone else’s vehicle, I’d visit my local Council Library (large libraries of larger councils) and copy or note the specs/info I’d need for a particular model etc. You can always photocopy relevent pages at the library. I don’t know if you can borrow them though as most libraries only have them in the reference section.

#6 will have what you need.


I defanatlly agree. Even mechanics use refrence books (as the procedure is going to be diffrent for every car). You defanatly want a shop manual if you are going to do that job (or at least look at one at the library).


ty for help guys i am going to get manual for it just wanted to go the FREE side :wink:

but once again ty


Heh. Sorry dude, there’s no freebies for this kind of work. It’s well worth your while spending that fiddy to get the proper workshop manual, it’ll more than likely save you more than its worth in mistakes you won’t make by following it. :slight_smile:

I agree, I had workshop manuals for the first few cars I owned. I’ve had brand new cars, under warranty, since 1998 though, so I haven’t worked on my own for a while now, beyond anything that’s just common sense, like changing brake pads, minor electrical, and sound systems.


I have tried finding stuff like that online and found it pretty difficult to find. when you do if it has something left out or assumes you know something you dont (where a shop manual would refer you to another section on how to do it if you dont), it can get really frustrating trying to go find the information with the car half torn apart. Trust me, it’s well, well worth owning the shop manual if you are going to do your own repairs.
As far as where to find information online though, about the only place I have found specific repair info is on forums. You could always try searching for mitsubshi forums etc.