Car game?

I really liked the gran turismo games on ps and ps2 and wonder if you guys know of any similar games for pc. Preferrably with good gamepad support.

hmmm… is it like a urban rally game? if so need for speed underground is good.

ben :slight_smile:

NFSU as you sure know is a great game albeit a different style from GT, since GT allows for much more custimization than NFSU. NFSU:2 when it gets out will rock but still be a far way from GT.

However the upcoming GTR is probably the greatest racing-game ever. Take note that it is as far from NFSU you can get, GTR is a simulator and NFSU is a arcade-game. So dont get angry during those first laps when you end up in the barrier in every corner :wink:

Now since neither NFSU:2 or GTR is out yet, maybe you should take a peek at Richard Burns Rally. It is like Colin Mcrae Rally but with more depth. As for the CMR series I think it has been going downhill since CMR2 and I tried CMR4 with my recently bought gamepad and it stinked. Or you can try Driver 2 (is it out yet?)

thanks 'ill take a look at those, i have tried nfsu and didn’t like it but it might get another chance.

midnight club 2 its ok.