Car don't read "home" cd's

My Gran Cherokee’s audio system always takes a longer time to read recorded disks, but I recorded an audio disc with nero 6.6 (I used mp3 files) and the car simply says “error” in other common stereos the cd works fine (note: I checked the “verify compilation on disk after burning” - or something like that - on nero and it gave many errors on the end. My recorder is LG and is old, so I recorded it at 12x, so the problem is not the speed, the way I see the problem is in the car’s cd reader.
I wonder if anione knows a program that can “pretend” the cd is original or a configuration for nero because original (read not home recorded) cd’s works fine in the car.

It could be that you burned them as mp3’s rather than a standard compact disk. Many players can play mp3 which would explain why it works in others, and perhaps yours cannot. In nero start smart, use the “make audio cd” option, not the “make mp3 cd” option and see if that helps.

Quality media is the key for me with car stereos.

I had loads of problems with mine until I switched to Verbatim Pastels and Super AZO.

Ripit could well be right about the fact you made an mp3 disc rather than an Audio CD.

I’ve read somewhere that burning slower helps increase compatibility sometimes


I find that the combo of good media (I use Ritek midcode based CD-R’s) 16x recording speed and using EAC - gotten free from make music cd’s that can be played in almost any deck-


Same here except I use Taiyo Yuden 48x cds and Feurio! to burn with. Haven’t had had any problems in any players. Car, boombox, homecdplayers. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hi Ricardomz, and welcome to the forum ,

To add to the above posts ,make sure you " finalize" your burn’t cd ( data or mp3 ) if you want your car cd player to read it …
Check your owner’s manual if mp3 compatible

Thx for the help, I will try the EAC. Then I post the result

P.S: sorry I took so longo to answer, I was traveling but now I will try.

OK but to you use the EAC tu burn cd’s or you use the nero, because I already have the musics in mp3 im my PC