Car CD will not eject

I have a Citroen C5 and when I tried to play a CD for the first time it would not eject after playing. I reported this to the dealer as the car is under warranty but they tell me that because I burnt the CD I cannot claim under the warranty. I think they are trying it on. Has any one heard of this or can think of a reason why a self-burn CD will not eject. I tried a similar disc on another car and it ejected fine.

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I’ve used burnt cd’s in my car for years without a problem, they’re trying it on.
Telephone the UK office and speak to some one there about it. Just check the user manual so you can say that they do not warn you about this problem if you need to.
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It’s interesting because I recently purchased a s/h Nissan Almera Tino (3 years old)that has a built in radio/cd player (don’t know make etc.)

I burnt a Verbatim 700MB 48X CD-R disc and played in the car. It played OK but when I tried to eject the disc it displayed “Disc Error” and wouldn’t come out. After much pushing of the eject button it finally ejected.

Looked through the manual and it says not to use recordable CD-R or CD-RW as this may cause the unit to malfunction.

I’ve burnt many CDs in the past and played them on various players in a number of cars and never had a problem.

I thought all CDs were recordable, how else do the commercial producers make them, or am I naive?

Is this a new trend to prevent owners from using their own discs in the car.

Commercial Audio CDs and CD-ROMs are not burned, they are stamped (a.k.a. pressed).
Read the Wikipedia article on CD Manufacturing if you want to know more.