Car CD player



Hi guys.
This problem is driving me crazy.the car cd player reads the cdr media whenever IT wants,i mean,when you insert the cd in,it might play it,if you eject it and re insert again it wont play it but once it started playing it’ll play the whole disc unless you paused,stopped or ejected the disc.

i tried different settings and different burning appications:

  1. writting @4X
  2. writting at a higher speed 16X-52X
  3. TY media and other types of media too
  4. nero,plextools,feurio!
  5. gigarec 0.8 and 1.2 (yeah it read the discs but WHEN it wanted too!)
  6. with cd text and without cd text

this happened with 2 very different car cd players.
any idea what can be done to solve this?


Have you tried using a “Redbook” licenced burning app such as Sony’s CD Arcitech? All the consumer-level apps are do not meet professional mastering Redbook standards. Give that a try on both Plextors w/ TY media @ 4x


what is your car cd player?
some dont like cd r