Car CD player plays backups, but not made from MP3's

The CD player in my car is very finicky and doesn’t like to read jack shiznit. (stock '98 accord cd deck)

SOME of the time, it WILL read a backed up CD that is copied directly with cloneCD, alcohol 120%, etc. Original retail discs work flawlessly. I’ve tried cleaning it many times.

However, it RARELY seems to be able to read audio discs made from MP3’s (not talkin about data mp3 discs, Im not that much of a noob :wink: )

What would be so different from a compilation created from MP3’s and a direct audio cd copy? I have tried manual in nero, smart start from nero, roxios suite, alcohol, everything that I know of. The discs play just fine in my truck but refuse to play in my accord. The custom discs just spin and spin like its trying to seek to something. If I leave a custom disc in the drive, it sometimes starts to play after 15+ min. of driving (weird)

Is there some special way I can manually create an audio compilation CD such that it would be readable in the same way that a direct disc copy is? Maybe some sort of special audio media?

Ironically, I seem to have the best chance of success with the cheapest of media. (frys GQ brand works alot better than maxell, memorex, sony, etc)

Thanks for any feedback.

Edit: Would also like to add that I have tried CD’s burnt from a mix of different PC’s with different burners, different media etc.

This is quite a common problem with car stereos. Mine officially won’t play CD-Rs at all.

The only way I could get it to play CD-R discs with my own compilations was :-

  1. Use a decent CD writer @ low speed (up to 8x)
  2. Use Verbatim Pastel Cds. These are a Taiyo Yuden dye.

I exclusively use Roxio’s Creator Classic to compile & burn, although I don’t think that’s a factor.

There was a thread on here about 2-3 weeks ago where this solution worked for the poster.