Car Cd Player Error



When I put any CD into my Car CD player, it tries to read the CD, then the display says “ERR” and spits the CD back out. It is the stock CD player that came with the car. How do I fix this? I cannot use a cleaning disc because it won’t play the disc. What do I do?


What kind of car do you have??? This is a problem in alot of gm and chrysler cars especially the chryslers w/ the tape and cd…


It’s a 1999 Saturn SL2


basically it is a gm radio so the best thing to do is go to a reputable car audio shop and have them put you on a new aftermarket radio. This should be able to be done under $200 for a decent one. The other option is to find a service shop that fixes factory radios, but this will cost probably just about as much for the labor of pulling the radio, getting it checked out and then fixed and reinstalled. Also if you buy a new one it will have a warranty on it…just my opinion…can you tell i work at a car audio shop??


heh yeah I can tell. So there is no way to fix it? It did this before and a couple of days later I put a CD in and it played just like usual and it worked for about 4 months after that and now its giving me the error again.


well you can pull out the radio and unplug it and that will reset it, but usually when they start doing that intermitten non playing of cd’s it is usually time for a new one. if you unplug it make sure you know the unlock code to unlock it once you plug it back in…if it has that feature


Alright I will probably buy a new one, but my cd player is about the size of 2 cd players on top of each other because it has the eq sliders on it. Do they make kits for that big of a hole?


Yes, there is a kit that fits right in and it should look good when it is done and sound better than ever!


Alright thanks for all your help.


I have just purchased a 1999 Honda Accord w/ factory CD/Radio installed, I am not getting a error message. It’s just not reading my CD mix I made but is reading all my other CD’s. Somebody said to me that it doesn’t read because of old technology and not being able to read my music. Is this right and I need to go find an after market radio/CD player as well?



Some cd players are very picky about whether they will play cdrs.I bought one that specifically said in the spec that it did play cdr/rw,apart from that maybe a laser clean might do,means a removal and strip down but who knows might save u some cash.


Try a can of compressed air such as " dust remover " it worked for me!


that doesn’t always work and can sometimes make the problem worse then it already is!


[QUOTE=AWILLIAMS64;1087884]What kind of car do you have??? This is a problem in alot of gm and chrysler cars especially the chryslers w/ the tape and cd…[/QUOTE]

Oh Jeez, I got a 1997 Chrysler mini van and it’s doing the same thing. It has the cd/cassette. I’m screwed :sad:


If you can find any old stock of 650mb 74min CDR’s you might give them a try. I’ve seen more than a few car cd players that won’t play any other kind of recordable but those. I’ve also seen a lot that won’t play any recordables. If you find any 650s make sure they are CDR and not CDRW. The 650s may or may not work for you, so don’t spend much on them till you find out.