Car CD doesn't play recorded songs..Thanks!



TKs in Advance Every one !
I’ve a Lg 8444 and nero expres I bought with, running Xp. Everything was fine until a year ago. Since, songs can’t be played in the cd’s car but oK in my home system. Moreover, i have recorded a audio cd ayear ago, it still play in the cd’s car. Then I have made a copy of this cd via nero, the copy doesn’t play!! I always finalized record session and down the recording speed from 52x to 24 x…nothing ! I use the same media support brand( memorex or fuji). It seems it’s a nero problem .I don’t want to upgrade to the newest nero version. Some help will be welcome…
tks !



mines very funny bout playing certain type of cdr/cdrw try changing brand or cleaning laser with disc,car gets full of fag ash etc might help.


TKs ! I’ll try and let u know if it works !


Hi ! Nothing works. I think I have to upgrade that’s the trick… Tks guys


You most likely have a compatibility issue between the media and your player.

Please first make sure to update to our latest Nero release from our website.
Update to Nero download page:

Try the following steps to resolve your issue:

Try a lower write speed.
Try more than one brand of CD-R media. In some cases you need to try out 4 or 5 different brands till you find one that works well with your player.
Upgrade the firmware of your recorder model.
Use only CD-R media. Many home and car stereos will not work with CD-RW media.
In some cases Audio CDs are not playable if they are burned in TAO (´Track-At-Once´) mode. Please burn in DAO (´Disc-At-Once´) mode.


Hi everybody !

I’m trying this thread as I have a somewhat similar problem…
I have the NEC 3500 AG burner (working fine !) but… when I record audio CD’s (CD_RW) for my car-CDplayer it has to be at 2x speed for the player to play it. That in it self is no problem (I just go to sleep while it burn’s) :wink:


Nero won’t let me chose 2x speed burning…!! And it isn’t FW / HW related, because the drive can burn at 2x when using J.River Media Center a.o. SW…!!
Yes I know… just use that SW instead, but i need to adjust bass / treble a.s.o. in order to get “the right sound” in my van and the editor/equalizer in Nero Express far outperforms the other SW’s version of this tool.

So - Q : Is there a way to trim/alter/edit/change Nero to allow 2x speed burning for this drive ???

PS : I’ve tried 8 different brands of CD-RW, same result
Any sugestions HIGHLY appreciated !


if youre car audio doesent read mp3 files try to burn cd at max 8x. my sony didnt want to read anything burned faster than 4x


hi all,

I was using Easy CD Creator v5-6 to create my mp3-cds for my car unit, but the program could only write at 10x MAX, so I recently changed to Nero v6 which can write at 40x (even if my CD-RW is 52x capable).

when I insert an mp3-cd created with Nero my car unit goes off and on a couple of times and then it starts playing the cd…
when I compared the cd contents i saw that the Nero mp3 cd only had my mp3s while the cd created with Easy CD Creator also had 3 extra files:

maybe this is the problem that some devices do not play the mp3 cds created with Nero?

(sorry for my bad English)


not that I like Easy CD Creator but it’s the only software which can burn my mp3z and my unit can play them without problems. I have recorded at all speeds that Nero 6 allows me and I still have problems…back to ECDC for my car mp3 cds and back to Nero for the rest…