Car audio pioneer deh-p5900mp


I just bought pioneer car audio deh-p5900mp. It works, sound is good but altought I read manual I am still a little bit lost.

I have problems with settings. I defined my 6 favourite radio stations, set colours for display, equalizer, bas and loudnes. Everithing OK but then I turned my car off and when I turned it on again all settings was gone. Instead of my radio stations there was nothing, colours were rainbow again, loudnes was different.

How can I make my settings stay the way I set them? I realy don’t want to re-do my settings every time I sit in the car.


Whomever installed your stereo probably didn’t wire up the constant 12 volt line to the unit. It requires this connection to allow it to store the user defined information. Check you installation schematic and verify this connection has been made to a CONSTANT 12 volt source.

Thank you for the answer. But we found out it is very complicated to wire stereo to 12 volt line. OK I will probably survive but is there any chance that I damage stereo?

Is it the same with other car stereos? Do they all need to be constantly conected or is there any other firm that don’t need connection and still stores informations?


The problem is the car, not the radio. You may check if there are car specific adapters available allowing you to properly connect your radio.
All modern car radios need permanent +12V supply.


Yeah, the harness adapters are definately the way to go. Color Coded for nearly foolproof installation.