Capturing Video



When I press play my mouse pointer changes to an hour glas and does not allow me to use when I want to ‘record’. Task Manager says programme not responding. Anone with an answer to this would be greatly appreciated.


How about telling us what app and version number you are using??
What are you capturing from (source)?
How is it connected?


Thankyou for your interest. I have the Thave the latest versions.
Nero 6 Ultra Edition v6.3.1.15
NeroMIX v1.4.0.22
NeroVision Express2 v2.1.2.12
InCD v4.2.9.1
I am trying to capture video. I am using a firewire connection IEEE 1394.
I click play and the video starts when I press record I get the ‘hourglass problem’.