Capturing video

Hi all, another noob here :bigsmile:

I just bought a dvd burner (lite-on SHW1635S) to replace my old Teac cd burner.

One big reason I wanted a dvd burner is to burn some video tapes to dvd. I have some tapes of Steelheart (the rock band) I got off of someone and want to get them on dvd before the tape degrades too much (has already started).

The first one I’m trying to do is an underground video of a concert in Amsterdam. The problem is that I have tried with ATI tv and Nero to capture the video and a few songs into it they stop and say the signal is copy protected. I’m not sure if it actually is, they are on cheap Maxell standard tapes. The programs dont stop in the same place either. Anyone know of a capture program that would get around this? My capture device is an ATI all-in-wonder 9600 video card and is plugged into the back of the vcr.

I found a copy of Studio 8 (guess it came with my video card) and it let me capture the entire video. But after burning it to dvd and trying it in my dvd player the sound and video are out of synch. Not sure if the captured video is like that or just when I burn it. Will have to mess with it some more tonight. I need to recapture the video anyways with a differnent vcr. What I thought was the tape degrading is my vcr messing up, works perfectly with my other vcr.

Also Studio 8 reported 19000 dropped frames over the 1 hr 20 minute video. ATItv and Nero didnt report any dropped frames for the time they were recording. Not sure what the problem was there.

What are the specs of your computer? What is the ATI card you are using?

It takes a fair amount of power to capture video. A slow computer, too little memory, and slow hard disks will cause dropped frames. Also what codec are you using? Depending on the answer to the ATI card, you may be able to get assistance from the card if using the proper codec.

Thats a lot of dropped frames. It kind of sounds like the ati card is mistaking the degradation in the video for copy protection. Use the best possible conection (rgb is best, followed by svideo, followed by composite, followed by coaxial). If you are planning on backing up a lot of tapes, you might want to consider a signal enhancer like the sima ct-2 or ct-200. They work in many cases (especially with vhs). I have heard there are beter signal enhancers to be had than the sima for about 80$ and up (might not make a diffrence for what you are doing but I have heard that they do a beter job with some of the more advanced copy protections as far as furture usability of the unit).

here is a thread that goes pretty in depth into some of the problems that you run into with vhs to a capture card including some info on the sima enhancers.
I believe it was on or maybe it was on that it was sugested that you can get beter than the sima (have to order online to get it for 80$). sorry but I cannot remember the exact thread but it might not hurt to search a little in their forums (try searching for the term sima, I think that is how I ran across it).
Hope that helps some.

Thanks for the replies, I’ll check out those links. It is the captured video that is out of synch. I’ve had that happen before just have to remember what I did to get around it.

Its been a while since I built this computer so I’ll try to remember what all it has…

Epox Nvidia Nforce2 m/b
AMD Athlon XP running at 2083 Mhz (slight over clock)
512 Meg PC3200
Maxtor 60 Gb 7200 rpm hdd
Maxtor 20 Gb 5600 rpm hdd
Lite-on HD-166S dvd drive
Lite-on SHW1635S dvd burner
ATI All-In-Wonder 9600 video card
Soundblaster SB Live 24 sound card
ATI WDM MDV Coded ver.
Not sure what MPEG codec I have, thats what I was saving as.
Some other stuff thats not really important

I am capturing to the faster 60G drive. For connection to the vcr I’m using composite since that is the best my vcrs have. I’ll do some more research then swap vcrs and try again. At least I do know that my old kenwood dvd player will play the burned dvd’s so thats a start.

You don’t want to save to MPEG2 on the fly if at all possible. Save to Huffyuv codec, then encode to DVD later.

Actually for this card you do. The only assistance you get is with MPEG. I have the AIW 7500 and I capture video all the time with it. My computer is very similar as well. Huffy always causes dropped frames on mine.

Three things I can think of right now (besides MPEG): 1. DO NOT OVERCLOCK WHILE CAPURING VIDEO. 2. If your source vhs is bad, you will get dropped frames (not as many as you are getting). Captures I’ve done always drop frames when there is ‘static’ or tracking. 3. Use the ATI software to capture the video.

Goto Digital FaQ and read about capturing VHS with your card.

Ran into a snag with this thing. Hopefully I can get it straightened out. Seems my vcr is ok. I hooked up the other one and got the same video problem. Checked the composite cables by plugging into the tv, worked ok. Changed the breakout box of the video card (still have the one for my AIW old 7200) and same problem. Hooked up my old Belkin composite-USB video box and the video is fine. Frame rate and sound sucks though, about 15 fps.

Hopefully I can get it working right without buying another card. $250 for this thing not too long ago and if its bad I’m gonna be pissed. I still have the box for it but not the recipt. :sad:

Actually, while writing this I thought to connect from my satellite reciever to the breakout box for the video card and the video is perfect. Maybe need to boost the signal for the vcr? BTW, I did reroute the video and break out box cables so they arent near any power cords or anything that could affect the signal.

What happens if you use the ATI software to do the video capture?

I have my breakout box plugged in next to all sorts of power cables - I never had an issue. Don’t know why you would have to boost the signal - did you connect the satellite to the composite as well?

I installed a Xpert DVD Maker made by V-Stream into my computer.
The card cost < $29 at Frys, and you can most likely pick a similar card up at Newegg.
The card was cheap and included PowerProducer Gold software for video capture and conversion to a format that DVD Shrink can use to burn to a DVD.
Based on other links in other forums
this seems to be as good a way to convert VHS to DVD as most, the only advantage is cost.
My experience shows quality is just as good as VHS.
My only complaint is that once I’ve captured the video, the conversion takes about an hour on my Athlon 3300+ 64bit machine.

I was using the ATItv program while doing the testing. It’s MMC 8.8 BTW. I didnt actualy try capturing it again yet, just veiwed it, because I could see it was still doing it. There was no change after rerouting the cables, just thought I would eliminate that as a possibility. The satellite box was connected with the same composite cable.

I keep gettin ideas as I type replies :wink: Just tried a commercial tape in it (star wars :bigsmile: ) and the video from it is perfect. I think the quality of the tapes I’m trying to capture is too low and the ati card doesnt like it. I’m strongly considering the sima box. Anyone think that would help clear it up?

I read about that card in the links posted above and looks like it works well. After spending $250 on this ATI card I refuse to buy a second capture card for the same computer (its a pride thing). I mainly got my AIW cards for video capture (though didnt do any with the 7200 b/c I didnt have a dvd burner yet, then upgraded later for compatability with games). I dont need tv on my computer because there is a tv 2 ft away from it, but the blended tv/desktop is pretty cool :bigsmile: . I dont really mind getting the sima box if it works because it apparently works pretty well at stripping copy protection and I have some commercial tapes I would like to transfer too.

You should not be getting dropped frames, unless your source file is crap. Go to, and check out the forum (Video Capture), and search for ATI. There is a ton of information there that should help you. If not, post your problem there in the capture forum. There are some ati experts there who can help you.

Just to update. I got my Sima CT-2 box today and just tried it. Havent tried capturing video yet but watched a bit of it and the video comes out great now. It must have been poor enough quality that the timing was off which the AIW card didnt like. I’m not getting the occasional scrambled video that I was before with it. I will post again after I try capturing video. Thanks for all the help!

Another update. I captured the video while watching my football team lose :a but the video captured almost perfectly all the way through. I used ATItv to capture it and it didnt stop with copyright complaints this time and said less then 1% dropped frames (doesnt give an exact count, thats the lowest it will go). The sound is even in synch with the video. :bigsmile:

The only problem is now there are lines in the video, kinda like its deinterlaced even though I had it set for interlaced video. Probably just setting I messed up somewhere. Finally gettin much closer to getting this done.

Yea Denver did get their butt kicked. :clap: Did they even show up :disagree:

Is this line problem when viewed on your PC? Or is it when you play it back on your standalone DVD player? You need to play on your PC with PowerDVD or WINDV to see roughly what it will look like when played on your TV, or just burn it and view it on standalone and TV.

The lines show up when I view it on my PC. I dont remember what program I viewed it with. I was thinking it was just because of viewing on the pc and it might be ok on the tv. I havent had time to mess with it lately so havent burned it to a dvd yet to see how it looks on the tv. Thanks for the tips on using those programs to view it with, I will check it out with them before burning to dvd.

Sorry it took so long to reply, havent messed with it for a while so havent checked this board. At least now its capturing (thanks to everyones help :bow: ) so everything else is just a matter of trying.