Capturing video from Pc to VCR

i need to find a piece of equipment /card for Lenovo H4 system to be able to accept inputs from my computer and the TV feeds I get there ,to a simple video camera with RCA jacks, to any other input, satellite etc… can anyone help ,e please? or software to record these web feeds an store on my 4 TB of storage,thanks,

ag, we wouldn’t know if you have a laptop or desktop and if we didn’t have a Lenovo, so we wouldn’t know what the output is from your computer.

Further, it sounds like you are looking for a capture device that has multiple connections?
Are you wanting to capture high def. and/ or standard def.?

Then you are looking for software to intercept web streams to record?

Be aware, no-one can read your mind so slow down and carefully pose your questions so we will have a clue as to what you are wanting to do.

I do not recommend USB video-capture cards but I have no experience to support this bias in the last 5 years. I’m sure they’re now magnificent wonderful Do-Everything units - at least, that’s their marketing hype.

For the internal cards, I consider the old Hauppage 1200-series ($60-ish) to have a great foundation - it’s own MPG processor, and it’s a single-input source for sole, dedicated processing. The 1600-series is an updated version, and has yielded several years of top quality video captures.

Then there are the newer Hauppage dual-channel cards (2200 series) which allows two input streams to be processed simultaneously. Their cost is also doubled.

If you can find an old ATI Theater Pro 500-to-650 with all the package parts included, it will have a ‘hydra head’ attachment to allow its single plug to connect to almost every video-input source available. Very nice, but these units have been out of production for a few years. A used one would not be a terrible option IF the attachments and the Base CD are included. [B]The Base CD is required for some updates to be installed[/B], by the way, yet the CD is only referred to during those update processes as “existing”, too - only an ID file is read, but nothing else is used on it. Grrr…

There are non-Hauppage cards, but almost everything under $70 will not have a hardware MPG encoder chip - it will all be software. The debate on this quality continues - I’d expect, at some point, that the video-results will be the same.

If I had to get a TV-recording PC, I’d find some cheap, used one with 2Gb of RAM, XP and go with a $60 Hauppage 1200 series. The resulting quality will not be altered by the PC - it’s only affected by the TV Capture Card. Now, processing the video - file conversions, etc - THOSE can be affected by the host PC.

That’s why God invented networks and 2nd computers.

If I understand the OP correctly he already has the input on his computer .
He is looking for a way to [B]output[/B]. His first example was “to a simple video camera with RCA jacks” . The thread title is to a VCR .