Capturing video/audio synching problem

Either the one Beer I am having is wreaking havoc on my eyesight or all of this video stuff is getting to me. I am playing a 60 minute long music video on DVD but only wish to capture those videos/songs that I like, when I started the DVD, it played fine, both video and audio was in sync but when I started pausing, rewinding and fast forwarding e.t.c to get to the start of the songs I am interested in, I noticed that the video and audio was not in sync anymore.

I then ejected the DVD and played it from the start again and it plays in sync, can anyone shed some light on what’s happening here? Also, if this situation can’t be helped and that my only option would be to record the entire DVD then what would be my best option, to create chapters or use an editing software to split the videos where I want and extract only the parts I want? Or then, would it be better to rip the DVD straight from the DVD-Rom drive instead of capturing via my card? What would you guys do to get the best results please?

I swear, I don’t know which will kill me first, all this very complicated video stuff or my boss :bigsmile: , I think I need another freakin beer now or maybe a few to tide me over until I see some replies from you guys!! Thanks, fellas!!

I would say ripping it from a DVD will always be a lot better quality and a lot easier than capturing it. Just rip it from the DVD and use DVD Shrink ( Its free ) to edit out the parts you want. Just use the search at the top and you will find some step by step Tutorials on how to do it with shrink And yes you should have a few more beers as well! It always makes everything work better after a few beers :slight_smile:

Thanks, I will look into the “editing out the parts”, never knew Shrink could do this as I havent used it yet, only installed it. Now I can drink some more beers, in peace!!!

I searched but can’t find any tutorials on how to do this specific task, anyone got a link to or idea of where [narrow it down] I might be able to find it?

Try looking at my last post in this thread. Read it through to see the pitfalls, but using this method I did not experience any sync problems.

Good luck

I replied to that other thread you linked me to above, please have a look, thanks.