Capturing TV to PC

Hi all,
I’m trying to copy TV channels to DVD with my PC. I have “WinTV-PVR-150 MCE Hauppauge” TV capture card. Some programs are OK to copy but with others i get “cannot copy this content” or something like that.
Is this a copy protection? Is there a program to bypass it?

Yes, it looks like those channels are copy-protected. The protection that comes with video signal is recognized by capture card (probably on hardware level), so I don’t think that any software will help.
The solution is to buy so called “video stabilizers” - they remove protection flags from video signal. There is a lot of such devices on net, but I personaly respect only this one: , because they have good site and customer support is actually answering, when you need them. Also they have very useful FAQ section with connection diagrams and other stuff (