Capturing Template



Hello All,

I just started my “Put All Our VHS Tapes on Disk” project (it’s fun too).
My question regards the Nero 7 Capturing Template.

When I select Make a VCD, the available Capturing Templates are VCD, DV, Nero Digital, AVI and MPEG-2.

Make a SVCD has SVCD, DV, Nero Digital, AVI and MPEG-2 Capturing Templates.

Make a DVD has DVD SVCD, DV, Nero Digital, AVI and MPEG-2 Capturing Templates.

It seems correct to select the template that matches what you want to burn but how about using the other options (like MPEG-2 to make a VCD, DV to make an SVCD or AVI to make a DVD, etc, etc.). When would selecting one of these other templates be a better option?

I just burned a VCD using video captured in the DVD template and it worked but don’t know what’s different then when it’s burned when captured in the VCD format.

Also, when making a DVD or SVCD, wouldn’t selecting DVD Template be the same as the MPEG-2 Template?

Thanks for any insight.



Not sure about Nero’s philosophy behind it, but you definitely can’t break from spec if you want compliant VCDs, SVCDs, or DVDs. I would hazard a guess that the initial capture is done in the format you specify so that you can work with the raw file in a 3rd party program that only supports a given format. But reencoding twice in a lossy format is bad for quality, so there’s no point in doing so if you aren’t going to manipulate the file.

If you [I]are[/I] using a third party program (to apply avisynth filters for example), I would recommend doing the intial capture in a lossless codec like HuffyUV using virtualdub for best quality.

And there are plenty of ways to use the MPEG-2 codec that don’t comply to DVD resolution and framerate requirements. IIRC, the initial Blu-Ray releases still use MPEG-2.