Capturing steaming video

I LOVE NBC’s “The Office” & watch the exclusive web content often @
Is there any way to capture this audio & video onto my hard drive so I can watch it later on without web access?
They have a beta downloading app. @, but it behaves just as you would expect a beta to.
Even if I have to capture the entire screen, desktop & all, this would not be preferable, but acceptable.
Any ideas on a freeware app.?

[B]Steaming[/B] video might be a little too hot to handle there chosenfew777. :bigsmile:

There are some capture programs around, but I don’t know of a free one offhand. One of the best is Camtasia Studio, but it is $300.

Edit: (sorry, didn’t have an answer for you but couldn’t resist the steaming video line) :slight_smile:

Thnx anyway,
I’ve downloaded & am trying 1 with mixed results called, “Debut”.
If you launch it in screen capture mode, it monitors itself in realtime, monitoring itself in real time, like some sort of video feedback loop & it looks real trippy, man! When you hit the record button, it minimizes automatically to the taskbar, so it won’t record itself, etc…, but you have the option of deactivating that. Go to options> Recording tab & uncheck the box reading “Minimize Debut window before starting screen capture”.
I captured a few seconds of that. It could make for a really cool-looking screensaver…

If your PC is fairly recent then CamStudio is the way to go.


P.S. have you looked into downloadhelpers etc. to capture the flash stream as it downloads?

Thanx for the info, Midders. I will give Camstudio a look. I also unlocked toolbox features within Debut & there may be a way to capture streaming video within that. I’m not sure what you mean by “download helpers”. I’ll be the first to admit that when it comes to the subject of video streaming, I am still a noob.

You can also try VLC,, there is an option to capture streaming video/audio, copy and paste the url. Also, depending on your browser and cache settings, you might be able to use copy/paste. If using FireFox, there is a download helper addon that captures audio/video. Something else to consider –

Thnx, Whappo. I’d noticed the streaming function in VLC, but never explored it. It works quite well.
I also found another one that works pretty well called GAS (Get a Stream). Apparently, as you point out, these are commonplace.
I still haven’t found one for 'The Office" webisodes. Obviously, they want the user to download them using the proprietary prog. they advertise.

Just for fun: