Capturing Question about dropped frames

hi im dave,i have just joined the forum and need a lil help. here’s my situation

i got a
ati aiw 7500
amd athlonxp 1700+
256mb ram
and 2 hd’s one is 80 @ 7200 and other is 160 @7200
also dvd burner and dvd drive.

my question is why when i capture anything from composite or anything, to dvd quality i get tons of dropped frames. i used windvr, the ati software, same thing. i even tried capturing at 1/2 or 1/4 dvd quality it would encode for like 10 min and this would be playback.

play,stopfor 1/2 a sec go on 1/2 stop go on etc…

i have no idea why this is happending
i have the newest drivers for my vid card and i am capturing to a partition of my drive that i dont use much which is about 30 gigs and i dont think it is that fragmented.

Any Ideas?


If you are capturing in MPEG, that may be part of the problem. Capturing to AVI does not require as much system resource.

Most common cause of dropped frames is HD activity, so look for something that’s accessing the HD during the capture. Also shut off any real-time viewer that is running in your software. Try capturing to a different drive/partition if you can.

Unless you have a really powerful cpu you cannot encode directly to MPEG-2 @ DVD resolution and in your case I think that your cpu is too slow.
Capturing to AVI doesn’t necessarily mean lower cpu load than MPEG depending on compression format of course. I personally capture in full PAL res using Huffyuv compression (lossless) in iuVCR (capture application) and then postprocess+re-encode my captured material. The downside is that ‘raws’ takes huge amounts of space but it’s worth it.
If you’re short on space ‘relaxed’ settings in DivX 5.0.X or XivD may be a good alternative to Huffyuv.

Many of the vid cards only capture in MPEG, and these problems often only get resolved by lowering the resolution.

Looks like Rage Theater (1) is both a software/hardware accelerated capture chip.