Capturing Problems

I am trying to create a DVD from my DV camera. But after some minutes, the capturing stops. Windows inform me that suddenly they can not find the camera and after 1-2 seconds they find it again. Such a way, the capturing stops. Sometimes this happens after 4-5 mminutes capturing, other times it happens after 20-30 minutes of capturing.
I have read on the net, that i might have problem with the IRQ connections. Thus, i removed my Network Card from my motherboard. The first time i tested it, the capturing went fine and i captured my 1 hour movie. Unfortunately, only the first time…
For unknow reasons, it didn’t happen again.

Have you got any ideas why is this happen??

I don’t think that it is software problem, because i have used WinDV and Windows Movie Maker and the same thing happened.

I am using Windows XP Pro, 512 DDR RAM, QDI Kudoz 7 motherboard.
My DV is the SONY DV TRV 33E and my firewire card is the CHRONoS FIREWIRE PCI CONTROLLER.
The FireWire cable i am using is the one that came with the controller.

PS. At the moment, i have my Network card and firewire card both on motherboard and the capturing never exceeds the 15 minutes…