Capturing in 16:9 Format using VirtualDubMod

Hi - hope all are well. Here’s a newbie/novice/girlie (sorry sisters!) question;

I want to use VDM to capture video from a camcorder (mini DV tape) to an AVI file in 16:9 format (which is the aspect ratio of the recording).

I’ve tried to fiddle with the settings, changing pixels to 720 x 576 but it returns an unrecognised format error.

As you may be able to tell, I really know the bear minimum, so please keep responses simple!

Finally, not sure if you need this but here’s a bit of pc/camcorder info;

  • Sony HC39 Camcorder
  • 2.8 GHz processor running XP
  • What else is needed?

Thanks, Snuffs x

Welcome snuffalumps (sorry sister!) you can give Paul Glagla’s [B]DVdate[/B]A try it works well capturing video from a camcorder to an AVI file and its [B]Free[/B] you can get by clicking on the smilie:slight_smile:

Thanks - I’ll try it later.

…loved the smilie link btw! :clap: