Capturing images to PC to burn to DVD

I have been burning CD’s and DVD’s for awhile now, but am a newbie when it comes to creating videos from old home movies, for example. Specifically getting my VCR hooked up to my PC in order to capture the video. (I know it’s much simpler going from camcorder to PC, but these movies are older and already on VHS)

I would like to transfer home movies from VCR to PC in order edit then burn to DVD. I already have the necessary video capture/edit software, but need to connect my VCR to the PC. Currently, my PC is not capable of accommodating a VCR.

I understand there are audio/video capture cards available that would easily allow me to accomplish this, however, most of them can be quite expensive, from what I have seen. Short of buying one of those cards, or a DVD recorder (I have a DVD burner of course, just don’t want an expensive DVD recorder), is there any type of adapter that would perhaps plug into a USB port on the PC side, then have RCA plugs for the VCR side? Or, any product suggestions that would allow me to connect my VCR to PC as economically as possible would be appreciated.

P.S. Along the same lines, would such device also allow me to connect a tape recorder to PC in order to xfer cassette tape audio recordings to PC to burn to CD?

OK, disregard part of that. I should have been more specific. I know there are video capture cards, but all I’ve seen is firewire, which works great for camcorders, MPEG4, etc. Will these firewire internal video cap. cards work with VCR’s? Because I am not sure if VCR’s are IEEE1394 compatible.

If so, are there external USB video capture devices that will work with VCR’s, is what I really want to know. Thank you for your time.

A lot of nVidia graphics cards have a VIVO port for connecting composite and s-video connectors. Depending on how old your current card is, you might want to upgrade. Even a lot of their bargain cards have the proper connection.

If you already have a digital camcorder and you don’t mind an intermediate step, you can dub the VHS tapes to the camcorder and then import the camcorder video to your PC. Some camcorders (my Sony does) also allow the camera to act as a digitizing device so that you can go VCR->camcoder->PC directly without having to use the tape and transferring twice.