Capturing images from DVD/VHS?

Is it possible to create digital shots [like you would take a pic with a digital camera] from DVD or video? For example, I used my videocam to record my son’s game but I would like to capture certain images [shots] to use in my slideshow or I could be watching a movie on DVD or VHS and would like to capture an image, is this possible please? If so, how? Thanks.

Commercial programs like Powerdvd have an option to snap a single image at a time while a dvd is playing. Media Player Classic under the file option also as a save image option.

This looks like it’s exactly what I need, this means that I can record anything to DVD, whether from TV or Video and be able to get the still images, thank you very much!

VirtualDubMod can also open VOB files (renamed as MPG) and save frames. It’s free too.