Capturing FLASH & SWF

is there a program that would allow me to capture the footage of me PLAYING A FLASH GAME? would that be a screen capture program or is there an easier way? thanks in advance!

Try Fraps

i’ll give it a shot… thanks for the advice

nope… FRAPS didnt work… it worked with videos playing in WMP, but didnt work for the flash player… any other ideas out there ? thanks

Screen Virtuoso is a good screen capture program, but the free version puts “unregistered screen virtuoso” at the top. It’s small enough to easily remove if it bothers you.

ok, i’ll give it a shot… it does video too?

This program worked like a charm… thanks for the advice… altho it took awhile to pick a codec that worked correctly (without making it jumpy), i finally got one and everything is cool now. Thanks again
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