Capturing DVD video



Anyone know how to capture a specific scene from a DVD movie and use it in a power point or Pinacle 8 studio presentation?
I need to use about 15 seconds of the opening scene of Saving Private Ryan…The US flag waving in the wind.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I assume MPEG1 (VCD) mpg files can be used in PowerPoint.

Just follow the DVD to VCD tutorial using TMPGenc. But when using DVD2AVI, only load in the first VOB and then using the Slider at the botom and the [ & ] keys mark out the 15sec bit you want and continue from there. Would only take you a few minues to do it all.



I have found it on you can download this software it can make small clips of DVD in high quality and you can use these clips in PowerPoint and Pinnacle video studio.

here is the complete link for download