Capturing Audio on my Computer



I purchased Pinnacle’s software so I could capture video, and was assuming I could use the Dazzle unit, that came with it, to capture audio as well. I have tried using Real Player Plus and Microsoft Plus! Digital Media, and both show that Dazzle is installed, but there is no sound, and neither detect music when I hook anything up to it. How do I get it to work? Thanks!


Settings. Read the comic. If I rember rightly, the dazzle imput/output device is connected via firewire. Make sure you’ve switched the in/out thingy in the right direction whilst capturing. I don’t know about anything later than studio8 but it never wants to play with other software present in you PC much. Studio 8 can be configured to create video and audio files captured seperately. Also your settings might be that it’s expecting audio input via your sound card. My tip is if you’re using pinnacle, get rid of any similar software on your P.C. Before doing so, try capturing into Windows movie maker which, obviously, plays with windows I/O’s very well. If all’s well then you know it’s settings. If you haven’t sussed it yet-and I guess you will have done-post more specifics and we’ll try to go from there. regards P.S