Capture video from SVHSC camera to computer

I have several SVHSC tapes I would like to convert to DVD, the only way
I have to play the tapes is with the camera that recorded them.

The camera has a yellow video port out, a white audio port out, and an
svideo port out.

I am looking for the best way to get the best video quality I can, I would welcome any suggestions anyone has.

Just to let you know . I’ve never had or worked with S-VHS-C tapes.

I think the best way with what you have is to get a video card with s-video input.

Then a sound card with RCA in .
I assume that the white audio port out is Mono.

Then you need some kind of “capture” software .

There are a lot of them & I don’t know the best one.
Even the freeware VLC player has some capability to do this but a paid software might give you more setting selection & better quality.

If the Audio track is seperate or you seperate it . You could use a program like Audacity to duplicate the mono Audio track for a two track sound . Then Mux .
That might sound better on modern equipment.

Thanks for the info, I am trying to decide if it is better to do this on a computer, or just get an external box that excepts the output from the
camera and converts the signal to DVD format.

A standalone DVD recorder/player with an s-video in should produce a good quality result.
Depending on the time legnth of the S-VHS-C tapes use the record speed that fits that best. Meaning if the S-VHS-C tapes are 1 hour use the HQ speed.
If 2 hour the speed closest to that.
Once you get it to DVD you could even copy those to a computer for editing if necessary.

Thanks for the help.

thank you